Ring ring

My Little Angel

How sad it was until now, I could not write a line to help me through this hardship and to ease this awful pain. The sorrow and the emptiness. The raw and biting fear, would overwhelm and blur out. Every line I write with tears. You were my loved companion for those happy years although it was only short moment. I could not imagine how I could live without you. Our mornings had become routine, I wake you up and give you a kiss before I head for duty. With evenings full of joyfull patterns that blueprints in my mind. Beside me, at night, I hold your hand while you are asleep... And in the morning without fail, I wake to your sweet face. I let you to play. The I get your breakfast underway. When I was out, you wait for me so patiently. For then, when I return, I beep the horn to say I'm home. As I reached the door, I see you through the window. My heart would always soar. The moment that I step inside, such greetings we would have. For whether only minutes or hours,you be so glad. You smile and laugh. You come to me till you dropped on the floor where then we cuddle. Our days and nights consisted of our little family. We play with all the toys you loved and the tire in the yard. You had such clear expression,
and my heart fill with pride. As others visited and learned your gentle side. Even in our quiet times, relaxing under shadow of the tree, my eyes always seek you out,
and lock on yours. And you promptly come right up to my arms. The times passed by too quickly, though I know that time can't dim... The memories that I have with you will always stay within. You were a part of my every day when I wake, from dawn to dusk. You were my son, I knew was there through good times and through rough. When you said goodbye to me, I held you in my arms. You fell to sleep one final time, and moved into God's arms. I like to think that now you have been freed from all the pain. And now you are roaming up above to live life all again. You had a lot of loved ones who have passed ahead of you. Somehow I'm comforted to know they are there for you. I'm sure that when you saw them there to welcome you along, you smile and laugh. For there, you now belong. So though you may have freedom and your heart is light and free. I'm still down here, my son. I'm just struggling daily. Maybe it was you, who watched and whispered to me then... You know your dad can't cope without his little son. So thank you my dear little one, for helping me to ease the pain. I felt you there beside me. Now I have no more question in my eyes nor in my heart either. Rest in Peace, Juraj. You will never be forgotten for you are always my son.