It Is Time For Me To Die
I need to run away
Get away from this place
if only for a day
I need to hide
From the world
and stop my pain inside
I can't handle this
I don't know how
I need to go
to where no one will know who I am
I feel like there's no way out
I can't see if the end is near
But I feel as if I must make it
so I just want to tell you, before I go
I love you
But even with you
I can't make it through
This is bigger than you and me
The last thing I want to do is make you cry
Just know, that I'll be happier as nothing but empty soul
I've always wondered what it's like to walk as soul without flesh
Maybe now I'll know
Take that to heart as I go
I'm sorry it came to this
You're surely I'll miss
Now I must just say Goodbye
Because it is time for me to die.


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