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The fear in their eyes
I want to see their pain.
The sight of torture motivates me.
The quiver in their voices,
I want to hear their terror.
The shame in their hearts,
I want to humiliate them further.
The smell of blood excites me.
The panic in their minds,
I want to imagine their dismay.
The thought of flesh ripping fascinates me.
I loaded my gun.
I sharpen my knife.
Then go seek my victims.
Am I taking lives?
but I am giving them away.
It is time to make them pay.
For all the blood they shed,
For all the lives they took.
What is the way more life?
There are plenty other way.
I feel no shame.
There is no time for that.
Life is short,
Might as well enjoy.
Am I disturbed?
but I am intoxicated by revenge!