Teya Salat

If I Die Tonight
If I die tonight,
what would I do on this last day?
I would wake up early to begin my day
and it would be the last morning for me...
I would go for my last breakfast with my love ones
I would sneak out for jogging with my brother and my best friends.
It is nearly noon
I would get to have lunch with everyone I love
and spend this last day.
I don't know,
I try to do hundreds other things.
I hope time'll go slow.
If I die tonight,
It'll be alright,
don't shed your tears
just keep smiling for me,
let me rest in peace.
Never forget all the memories.
If I die tonight,
where would I be tomorrow?
I wasn't a good man,
I wasn't a good son.
I wasn't a good brother,
I wasn't a good husband.
I wasn't a good father,
I wasn't a good friend.
If I die tonight,
Would I be forgiven?
By the peoples I have been slacking with
when I was still alive,
by those who I've hurt their hearts,
by those who I've took advantage of.

I wish I can hug them all,
for the last time
I die tonight,
would you feel lost?
You'll never can see me smiling again.
You'll never can find me at the gym again.
You'll never can see me driving on the street again.
You'll never can see me walking on the beach again.
You'll never can see me in my uniform again.
You'll never can hear me calling your name again.
You'll never can watch me playing baseball on the field again.
If I die tonight,
Don't shed your tears for me.
Keep smiling,
let me rest in peace.
If I die tonight,
I'll be gone forever
but my love to you will remain forever.
For those who still alive,
take every day like it is your last day,
do your best for it.
Work towards your dreams,
appreciate all what you have,
keep it real for yourself
and for your love ones.