Polly po-cket

For All These Things
Bee that brings honey
needs sting to be complete
All must learn to taste bitter and sweet.
Keep the fire burning
through the night
through the day
for those who are returning
from the land so far way.
Don't uproot what has been planted
so our dearest wish be granted.
For the sake of these
let the mercy be complete.
Bless the sting
bless the honey.
Protect the house that we live in
from the sudden war like thunder.
Guard the little one who I have been given
guard the hill that he might climb.
Let the fruit not to be plucked before time.
As the wind makes rustling night sounds
a star shows in the sky.
All my dreams
all my desires
guard for me
all these treasures
all my friends keep safe and strong.
Guard the stillness
guard the keeping.
Above all
guard these lines.