80s toys - Atari. I still have

Always Be With You
I can not be with you today
but if you close your eyes
I will be with you in the bedroom
waiting quietly on your bed.
Just close your eyes relive those memories.
I will stand by you in the bathroom
I will smile at you so playfully.
I will be your light in the darkness
shining steady.
You only have to watch it glow
to know I think of you.
I will be the music that you listen to
I will be there in every song.
I will laugh with you and sing with you
to comfort you when your day is gone wrong.
I will be the wind that ruffles your hair.
I will be that warm embrace.
I will be the hand on your shoulder.
I will be the tender touch on your face.
I will be the clock gently ticking
reminding you of the times.
We have shut the world outside.
We are in our own
yours and mine.

I will be the moon
as it dances on the sky.
For I have loved you always
and I know I always will.
Just close your eyes and think of me
I will not be far away.
I always be with you.